Week 14

Team and individual assessment

Each team member should fill a teammate evaluation form  to give an account of how much they believe each member contributed to the campaign project. This will be taken into account in your individual grade for the campaign project (see grading rubric).

Also fill the self evaluation form to give an account of how YOU contributed to the project.


By week 15, submit your teammate evaluation form and  self evaluation form. These should be send to me via email at: apinkas@bmcc.cuny.edu. I will not share this informationation with your team members or anyone else in the class. 

Preparing the final campaign presentation

Next week, each team will present their campaign  project. You can use Power Point, Google slides, Keynote, Presy or any other presentation platform.  The presentations should be about 10-15minutes mins long and should include the following information (you may reuse/revise part of the preliminary design you presented on week 10):

  • Title-slide: The title for your project and a one-sentence summary (i.e: “#GirlsCount – Every girl deserves an education”).
  • Team: Each team member’s name and main role in the project
  • Social cause: What social cause are you promoting? Be specific
  • Target audience: Summarize the demographics characteristic of your target audience and illustrate them with the two persona you created on week 6.
  • Perception & Tone: What adjectives can be used to describe the way the campaign is perceived by the target audience? What is the personality and style that you are conveying? Include the color palette and typography choices here. Make sure you explain why you picked this specific design approach. 
  • Communication strategy:What is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience? Why is this an important message? Describe the methods you will use to convey the overall message. Present each component of the campaign. Talk about the design process and show initial sketches/the evolution of different components… and of course the final version. 
  • Call to action: How should your target audience respond to your campaign? What do you want the audience to do?


For next week, create and rehearse your final presentation as a group. Make sure it is clearly named (i.e: NameofTeam_finalPresentation) and upload it to your team folder. Each group will present to the class next time we meet. Be ready to offer feedback to your classmates.