Weeks 11 – 13

Design, production and code development

These weeks will be primarily dedicated to the production phase of your campaign project. You will be translating your sketches and ideas into the full-fledged elements outlined in your proposal. Make sure each team member has a concrete task each week.


Work on your campaign project. Be ready to show and discuss your work in progress in small groups with the professor each week. A full prototype of each component should be completed by week 14. That week will be dedicated to assessing the group work, preparing the final presentations and doing a few small adjustments. 

Portfolio reviews

The professor will review the portfolios submitted on week 3 with each student. The final version of your portfolio is due on week 14. Please review the portfolio checklist from week 1 , the formatting options from week 3, and the project’s grading rubric.


For week 14, submit a link to your revised portfolio by following the instructions on the “Week 14 – Portfolio (final)” page. If you are working on a custom HTML/CSS/JS site it’s okay to just send the local files for now (via a Google Drive or Dropbox link).