6 thoughts on “Welcome to MMA-100 Fall 2021 w/ Prof. Ryan Seslow”

  1. Looking over the videos you posted and the history of graphic designing was awesome, i have some what of a grasp of photoshop but that i wanna improve, pick up new ways of designing logos, just expand my creativity.

  2. I enjoyed the videos you put in the week one post. I used photoshop for a class but I sort of forgot how (lol) so that was very helpful.

  3. After using Blackboard Educational Technology over the past two years, I am excited to use the MMA-100 open lab for information about upcoming assignments.

    My biggest gripe with Blackboard is the design. It is easy to get lost when looking for something as simple as posting an assignment. Also, I feel that BB is not user-friendly for beginners using technology and software.

    I look forward to exploring the MMA open lab page. I will continue to post comments and check the assignments tab to keep up with assignments.

    1. Yes! I totally agree! Plus, our website here on the OpenLab will live on and be a resource that you can continue to use, unlike blackboard that eventually gets taken down… 🙁

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