Journal Entry – Week 5

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Respond to at least 1 prompt on this page (you are welcome to respond to more). For instructions on how to submit a journal entry, please follow these instructions. FORMATTING FOR THIS WEEK: Use the title format “[FirstName] [LastName] W5” and select the Category “Journal Entry – Week 5”

Prompt 1

“Steamboat Willie” is famous because it used fully synchronized sound. View the film again. How is the sound used to emphasize the action? Give some specific examples. What role does music play in the film? Does the use of sound reveal something about each of the characters? What does it reveal and how is sound used?

Prompt 2

View the clip of Snow White meeting the seven dwarfs again. Though each of the seven dwarfs are drawn and animated in a similar manner, there are important differences that tell us something about each of their personalities. Pick two of the dwarfs and show how they are distinguished from each other by the way they move, how they are drawn, their voices and any other means used to show their character.