Journal 5


Kulah Love Massaquoi

In my first column, I will like to discuss three important things that I noticed and people really love and admire me when they are communicating with me. The first thing is eye contact, facial expressions, and the way that I talk.

  1. Due to the compliment that I received, from people, I think these three things really help express my feelings because it helps me when having a conversation or presenting in public. It also shows them that I am very focused and always pay attention or listen to what people have to say to me. Another thing that they admire on me is my Facial expression will help me reveal my true feelings about a situation. It will express my feelings through the look on my face to others when communicating. On the other hand, facial expressions will also help me to determine if the person I am interacting with is trustworthy or saying the truth. Facial expressions are one of the most universal forms of body language because it shows a lot of emotions fear when we first appear somewhere for the very first time. Lastly, they like the way that I talk to everyone because I don’t pick and choose among anyone that I am friendly with or meet for the first time and do not Brag about my life. I also tried to talk to people. People tell me that they like the way I  expressing my feelings because I speak calm and clear and it sounds more credible than others that are a fast speaker. 

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