Course: Gender & Communication COM265 | Brianne Waychoff Summer ’20

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Gender & Communication COM265 | Brianne Waychoff Summer ’20
This Course is PRIVATE, but the corresponding Site is OPEN to all visitors.
Interdisciplinary, Speech, Communications, and Theatre Arts
Academic Programs
Communication Studies, A.A., Gender and Women’s Studies, A.A.
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COM 265
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Summer 6W1 2020
Course Description

Course Goals: Raise awareness regarding how gender is created, maintained, and/or changed through cultural expectations and interaction; Gain theoretical insights and develop analytical skills to identify gendered expectations and how such expectations limit behavior for people of all genders; Enhance understanding of how predominant social assumptions and communication norms can devalue and silence women and other non-dominant groups, and how students can become change agents to enhance our collective lives.

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