Stephany Pineda Cardoso Discussion 8

Taking this class gave me an opportunity to understand gender, sex, sexuality, masculinity, femininity and it’s affects on society. I was able to not only to see how they applied in my life but it also changed the way I view the world. Two concepts that left me puzzled and astonished is gender and microaggressions. Learning about gender helped me find my own hidden experiences, I was able to take them apart and become aware of how privileged I was to grow up with no two separate images and ideals of men and women. I was told about these injustices but somehow it didn’t click into my head. Learning these concepts helped me discern the following experience; I am currently giving free online courses to help people start their businesses from home so they could provide for their families. I had a one on one with a middle aged Mexican woman who told me her gendered experience, she asked me if I could direct her towards empowering books. It was like I was slapped in the face, my heart sank , and I felt like crying, it was a moment of confusion not because I didn’t understand but because thanks to this course I understood so much, but I didn’t know what to do. What could have I possibly told her if I never experienced such oppression because of my gender? Her strength to keep on going and courage to tell me this is unbelievable. The course readings additionally helped me understand the LGBTQ+ community and my own privilege as a heterosexual female. I have developed a better understanding of what a safe space is and why it is needed. I feel I am better equipped to educate people who make inappropriate comments about the LGBTQ+ community. Microaggressions were also something I was not aware of. I didn’t know what to respond or what intentions people had when they made inappropriate comments about my background. Becoming aware of this can help me identify the institutionalized discrimination, racism and prejudice. The format of this class allowed me to explore my thoughts  and be more open because I am “hiding” behind a device. I feel I am more comfortable talking about these topics.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and it is amazing that you are doing teaching online classes! Because of the story you shared about your one-on-one and because of some of the things you have written, I wanted to recommend the book “This Bridge Called My Back” by Gloria Anzaldua and Cherie Moraga. And also, feel free to share this course site with anyone who might benefit from the readings — that’s part of why I teach it on OpenLab. So that you can share what you are learning with people not in the clas if you wish.

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