Alvin Tan Final Discussion

The reading this semester that had the most meaning to me was “The Lesson ” by Toni Cade Bambara because of the lesson it showed and the characters. The story started off with children just wanting to do whatever they want and go play. They are then made to take a trip to an expensive toy store by their neighbor Miss Moore and the kids don’t know why at first. All the kids are just left speechless by the price of all the toys there and leave after a while. When asked what they learn only two kids Sylvia and Sugar learn the lesson and the rest don’t. The reason this had the most meaning to me was because it made kids who were innocent to the unfairness of the world be shown firsthand the unfairness. After being shown I was surprised at how the kids reacted with one of them even wanting to go back again. I also liked how it was inspirational as it showed the two kids who understood the lesson wanting to overcome the unfair distribution of wealth.

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