Christian Alvear Final Discussion

“Salvation” by Langston Hughes is the reading that I connected with the most because of the experience Langston faced. His aunt wanted him to be “saved” to hear and feel Jesus in his soul. Me, I went to Catholic school growing up but never paid attention during mass and religion class because it wasn’t of great interest to me. My grandmothers specifically would tell me to always pray, go to mass, and invite Jesus into my life. This was something I didn’t want to do because quite simply it wasn’t important to me and just like Langston, I never felt anything. Langston went through the whole celebration and was the last one to go up to the altar because he didn’t feel or see anything. Langston ended up crying that night because he knows he deceived everyone in the church and lied about his experience because he didn’t feel anything. I related to Langston’s exact feeling because after my sacraments I lied to my family about feeling like a brand new person and more spiritual. 

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