Nato Nozadze – Discussion 4

In a post of about 150 words, please tell which of the semester’s readings had the most meaning for you and why.


Firstly, I would like to point out that all reading materials in this class were very interesting, informative and deep. Each and every reading would make me see things differently. After reading the weekly materials, my point of view would get broader and broader. Personally, my favourite article is the one I chose for the research paper “Araby” by James Joice. “Araby” is my favourite reading due to various reasons. The most interesting part of the story is how the meaning of it is really deep and hidden behind the words. “Araby” is one of the articles you cannot analyze after reading it once, but you have to at least go through it twice to understand the main idea. I love how the author uses the ligh and darkness to show us the difference between real world and the fantasy. I love how the author describes each moment in details and puts the meaning behind every sentence. I would highly recommend this article to any of my friends!

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