Choosing a host country national staffing strategy is good for businesses because it allows workers to be employed across the country they work in. It also allows them to manage the operations of that business. Host country national staffing is a easier application of business objectives even though expatriate may not be culturally versed or well accepted by host country; employees. This strategy allows managers to gain experience in the markets locally by building employee morale and motivating them to work harder. They would most likely be familiar with language, culture and laws and be able to market the product or service efficiently. They wont need to obtain documentation or a work visa and the company saves money because they don’t need to relocate someone from another country.

The current plan in the fish to go company in the united states is that managers make 55,000 per year with a 2 percent profit sharing. I would increase their annual salary to 47,000 with a 2.5-3.0 profit share. I would also include health benefits, paid vacation and personal days alongside holiday days back(if they are scheduled to work )  and sick days. I would also provide employee training for employees who would like to learn managerial skills.

For the UK and Mexico I would start managers off 55,000 if they already reside there. For the managers relocating to train the new managers I would pay them 60,000. All employees will receive paid vacation days, sick days, personal days and holidays. I would start both countries off with 55,000 based off of my research that managers in the UK make 32k-63k and managers in Mexico make 10k-78k. To keep up with the compensation plans of the UK the company will provide stock options, travel insurance and a gym membership. Employees will also receive dental and vision. In the Mexico Store the company will offer hardship allowances and Aguinaldo(a yearly bonus), profit sharing and seniority premiums. The employees will also be registered with Mexico’s social security system.

In order to get managers into shape they will go through various training courses to learn about Fish to Go. Managers from the united states(expatriates( who relocated to the store will start at a cultural level so they can learn how to communicate and eliminate cultural missteps. They will also go through repatriation training. and their families will be offered support throughout the first two years in the new country. Managers will be trained in customs, culture and peculiar business practices as well as cultural sensitivity.


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