Safety, Health & Risk Management

The new risk companies are facing in 2020 that were not potentially considered in prior decades are hackers, pandemics, social media platforms and technology viruses. These new risk are important to focus on because companies need to protect themselves and their employees. They also need to safeguard the information they retrieve from outside sources, personal information of their clients, customers and or patients, depending on the type of company or organization it is.

Organizations can strive to prevent their risk when it comes to pandemics but unfortunately pandemics are not planned and there is no real set way to prevent a pandemic. They can only get training for their employees to work from home, so if they ever have to again. Companies would have to get software protection to block hackers and viruses. As far as social media platforms the organization needs to keep an open eye for things they may get posted about their company, both good and bad. They say prevention is better than a cure but in reality they cannot prevent everything.

These new threats can affect my comfort at work and willingness or interest at work because if an organization cannot keep my personal information safe or me safe, I will lack interest. Everyone should practice safety first no matter who they work for. My health matters because if I am not healthy I will not perform at my highest potential. If I don’t feel safe I will not be able to completely focus on my task hand because I would focus more on my surroundings. Social media platforms can be of assistance or destruction to an organization and technology viruses can wipe out all data that has been entered into our system, which will cause the organization money and time to repair the technology.

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