Participants’ Testimonies

Here is what our workshop participants have said about what they learned and liked about the Academic Success Workshops,

“I found beneficial the way the host explained everything and gave us information [on] tutoring, scholarships, and other beneficial links. We learned about fixed vs growth mindset. I want to learn more about how to not give yourself self-defeating messages.”
(D. L.)

“What I find the most beneficial in this workshop are the strategies and tips of preparing and taking an exam.  It really was helpful and beneficial.  What I also would like to learn about is the subject of how to create studying more fun and creative, and not boring towards other people.”
(M. C.)

“Learning about all the resources in BMCC and finding ways to ask for help when needed. Jahkwan and Wes are really cool and I enjoyed their slides :)”
(K. L.)

“When complimented, graciously take it, and do not downplay it! Do not seek approval from others when you know that you yourself did good.”
(C. J.)

“I learned how to be more organized when I prepare for an exam and not be shy to ask my professor for a sample if it’s necessarily.”
(V. L.)

“The concepts of a set v.s. growth mindset and what can cause it. It can definitely be influenced by our childhoods, the communities we live in and the systems we are subjected too. Also, the resources provided were great.
(A. J.)

“The openness of the group. I would like to know more about positive thinking.”
(L. K.)