LASSI Inventory

What is the LASSI Survey?

The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) was designed to screen academic mindset and skill set readiness.

How do I benefit from taking the LASSI Survey?

The Survey helps you assess your strengths and areas of improvement so you can more effectively build on your strengths and set to the task of personal and professional improvement in areas that are less developed.

How do I take the LASSI Survey?

Please consult your advisor for guidance on how to take the LASSI Survey. Currently, all incoming ASAP students as well as students on probation can take the test.

How long does it take to complete the LASSI Survey?

It takes 9-11 minutes to complete the Survey.

What are the LASSI scales and what do they assess?

How do I interpret my score?

The survey score results are grouped in three categories. The score 0-50% indicates areas for improvement, 50-75% indicates moderate strength, and 75-100% indicates that you are comfortable and skilled in the competency areas indicated. The survey gives you a detailed assessment for each scale. See an example of a survey result below.

We recommend that you focus on improving your competencies in the areas you score the lowest.

What are the benchmarks /milestones for improvement for each scales?

Please consult the rubric below to asses what are the milestones set for each score category (a. 0-50%, b. 50-75%, c.75-100%).

LASSI milestones

How do I know which workshops to take to improve on my LASSI scores/scales?

Focus on the scales that you scored the lowest in. To identify which workshops are offered for each scale, please consult the “List of Workshops” session under the “ASAP Workshops” menu.