Hi, my name is Steve Fajardo( the j in my last name makes the h sound) and I am majoring in multimedia programming and design. While I am still learning the concepts of graphic design, apparently over the summer, I started to have interests in learning how to code/program. Now I am not saying that I have mastered yet because honestly, I am still learning the basics especially in HTML and CSS and one day learns JavaScript afterward. But one day, After mastering these three, I would love to practice even more programming languages especially Python and more. I am looking forward to either become a web developer/ or software engineer. However, I am willing to refresh my graphic design skills so taking this class, especially in typography, would be useful. I plan to be in the freelancing business myself as well one day.

Potatomole with Title and Credits

This is my final video project about my character Potatomole and here is basically the wrap up of everything I included to make it something of my own masterpiece. Throughout the process of animating, putting camera effects, and visual/textual effects along with title/ ending credits, it was both strenuous and interesting. Yes, I was able to make a character that I was able to make based on what I wanted from the start of the project but honestly, what made it difficult was learning the technical skills and being proficient in multi-tasking on the requirements I had to implement on my project. In the end, despite when there was a certain day, such as the 15th of May being stressful for me, I still pulled it off. In fact, I pulled off some late nighters into this. However, I am satisfied with what I created.

Potatomole after effects week 12

This animation includes effects from Adobe After Effects software. I used used effects, the lens flare and textual movement. For lens flare, I tried to give the setting as if it was a bright sunny day and the character walking outside the sun and then the brightness of the “sun” would go away. For the text, I decide to put it at the very end to give like the introduction of his name. However animating this was very tedious and the difficult part was learning the technical aspects of the software and figuring out the exact moment those effects would be shown and the movement. Overall, I like it.


This is an animation of my character Potatomole, using the camera and  other technical aspects of the After effects program. The difficult part was getting to use the mechanics of the program, especially with the positioning, camera adjustments. Overall, I was able to do so. There are many things I could definitely add such as music, text, and more.


This is my background for my character, Potatomole. This setting includes the mountains in which other mole species, the mountain moles live. The soil field and potatoes is where Potaomole, the only specie of its kind lives. While making this, I kind of struggled with the alignment of the potatoes and the way it supposed to be structured. Plus, was debating which sky color would fit well/ contrast with the colors of Potatomole. Overall, it isn’t perfect and will need some adjustments later on.


This is a rough walk cycle of Potaoemole. Even though I didn’t include the claws, I wanted to just focus on the movemnet of his feet. The only difficult part was making the feet sync, even though it isn’t perfect, I jsut wanted to have sense of how the character would be. Based on the walk, I wanted him to be seen has a character who would go on living and doing what he needs to do for his day.

Character storyboard

This is a storyboard for my animated character Potatomole. I just made him do simple things so that anyone can get a visual sense of who he is.  One thing I forgot to mention was that before he digs forward as seen on the 5th panel on the bottom, he actually takes a 5 second walk to his right, follow by digging down again, which eventually made his way to come forward.

Character Design

BIO: My character name is Potatomole and he is a type of character that minds his own business, and does whatever feels genuinely/ naturally best for him to do. He is the only Potaomole specie out of all of the other moles in the place call Moleville. What he doesn’t know was that he was an actual potato with no limbs and stuff until one day, some potion fell from the sky. Therefore, the potion fumes just  went straight for one lonely potato in the middle of the field, turning the potato into an actual mole creature, but with potato features. Due to his curiosity, he wonders how he became to be, and decides to venture off for the one behind his creation.