This is my background for my character, Potatomole. This setting includes the mountains in which other mole species, the mountain moles live. The soil field and potatoes is where Potaomole, the only specie of its kind lives. While making this, I kind of struggled with the alignment of the potatoes and the way it supposed to be structured. Plus, was debating which sky color would fit well/ contrast with the colors of Potatomole. Overall, it isn’t perfect and will need some adjustments later on.


This is a rough walk cycle of Potaoemole. Even though I didn’t include the claws, I wanted to just focus on the movemnet of his feet. The only difficult part was making the feet sync, even though it isn’t perfect, I jsut wanted to have sense of how the character would be. Based on the walk, I wanted him to be seen has a character who would go on living and doing what he needs to do for his day.