Character storyboard

This is a storyboard for my animated character Potatomole. I just made him do simple things so that anyone can get a visual sense of who he is.  One thing I forgot to mention was that before he digs forward as seen on the 5th panel on the bottom, he actually takes a 5 second walk to his right, follow by digging down again, which eventually made his way to come forward.

Character Design

BIO: My character name is Potatomole and he is a type of character that minds his own business, and does whatever feels genuinely/ naturally best for him to do. He is the only Potaomole specie out of all of the other moles in the place call Moleville. What he doesn’t know was that he was an actual potato with no limbs and stuff until one day, some potion fell from the sky. Therefore, the potion fumes just  went straight for one lonely potato in the middle of the field, turning the potato into an actual mole creature, but with potato features. Due to his curiosity, he wonders how he became to be, and decides to venture off for the one behind his creation.