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BARS 2022

Mobile Application Solutions for Activities in Daily Living in patients with Dementia


Euripides Soto


Azhar PhD


Caregivers are often burdened by the difficulty of managing a patient with Alzheimer’s Disease as their ADL declines. Technology, specifically a mobile app, could be the solution to alleviating the distress experienced when caring for a loved one. Previous research suggests that current mobile apps geared towards caregivers aren’t sufficient in aiding the caregiver. Caregivers want concrete solutions in helping manage their patients. Our research aims to examine how technology could assist caregivers and patients by using the Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living and the Lawton – Brody Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale to log and measure the status of their Basic ADL and their Instrumental ADL over time. Research suggests that understanding the needs based on their ADL performance could assist caregivers in providing appropriate care for the patient.The project will involve three phases Phase one involves surveying the problem domain. Phase two explores solutions for ADL with a mobile app, involving community experts in analyzing the solutions. Phase three entails designing a solution and developing the prototype.