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BARS 2022

Monarch Butterfly


Raquel Heslop


Johannes Familton PhD 


My name is Raquel Heslop, and, in this project, we are working on a way to distinguish male from female monarchs in their wings. based upon their ratios of colors in their wings. To get the correct data to complete our findings in completion of our project We use an extracted color palette/proportional palette as a standard (shown above and below). Choosing either male or female Monarch butterflies I will then look to the palette of colors with the percentage depending on the monarch colors I will then add up what colors I see in the monarchs from the range on the palette. I will log Black with dark brown and Orange with Brown as a group and their percentages together in my data log. Their percentages will be added together in that order as a total along with their individual dates (after they emerged from chrysalis) and gender. Sometimes we have two or three of each gender with the same dates. To distinguish male and female monarchs it’s also based upon the ratios of colors appearing in their wings.