About Me

An about page is absolutely necessary. Its here to help your visitors understand your reason(s) for why this website / portfolio is here. Unless of course you want to be understood as a mystery.. and use that as context for your narrative.. Do you? Creativity plays a role and there are a lot of ways to play with the format of this kind of page. This is generally a “static” page that you will update a few times per year. Here is my example below, (that has recently been tweaked).

{The Art of Ryan Seslow} :: Who is Ryan Seslow?

Im an adjunct associate professor teaching in the Media Arts & Technology Department at CUNY BMCC, as well as the Communications Technology program in the Performing & Fine Arts Department at York College. 

As a visual artist Im often working with a synthesis of applied arts, new media, digital and Internet-art. I like to show my work both on and off the Internet. I share a lot of my current projects, exhibitions and collaborations on my personal website, but also wanted to make a point to create and share a template/example here using the OpenLab. Both this website and my personal website are powered by WordPress. 

As a professor I teach various hybrid digital studio art, graphic design, new media, digital storytelling, communication technology & web design courses for graduate and undergraduate level programs. I teach simultaneously in NYC between CUNY BMCC & York College (and 4 private colleges as well). I started teaching college courses in 2004. I’m a proud team member of the academic commons sub-committee. I am interested in open pedagogy, open education and instructional design. How can I help you?

This website serves as an example and a template using the Twenty Seventeen theme. I am sharing an array of my professional and experimental work. It is simulated as a teaching tool with descriptions and hopes to inspire and give my fellow colleagues a dose of inspiration.

As a graphic designer, front-end web designer, digital artist & illustrator I run a small freelance business that offers various services to help individuals and small businesses create a presence and visual identity here on the web.

Im Deaf & Hard of HearingI write a lot about it here.

Feel free to reach out by e-mailing me directly at:

rseslow @ bmmc.cuny.edu or rseslow @ york.cuny.edu