Video/Media Art

“The Game Begins”, April 2019, is an animated video art work in progress constructed from multiple individual components. The animated clips were composed and generated with various mobile and desktop applications. They have been layered and and recomposed in Adobe after effects. The video loops repeatedly and is intended for large scale projection presentation. Iterations and experimentation of its presentation are underway.

*Example #1 – (Above) Above will find a single embedded video with a text description just below.  Youtube easily allows for its URLs to be copied and pasted directly into wordpress posts and pages. WordPress recognizes and converts the URL into pre-set video player that works across all devices and platforms. This method can also easily be duplicated in a vertical composition.

**Note** i-frame embeds for example#2 below do not seem to be working at the moment here, I am trouble shooting a work around, anyone have a suggestion?

*Example #2 – (Below) Below you will find a YouTube video playlist that has been embedded into this page. This comes in very handy for creating specific clusters of video and or media art related works. Context plays a role as per your specific work or curation. Perhaps this feature showcases your video art work, experimental films, video interviews, music video, footage and or other related-ness. I created this example from my own YouTube channel and used the plug-in feature that comes with the commons media plug-in package.