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Welcome, You are HOME. This is the website’s home-page. You can use this space in a variety of ways. I selected to make this a “static-front-page” and if you notice above, the header image space is huge. I like that. I set the header images to “randomize” and change each time the page is refreshed or visited. Perhaps you see a similar potential for your portfolio / course? Im using the free Twenty Seventeen theme that comes with wordpress. It is a super user friendly theme that functions quite well for various types of projects on the web.  

This page can easily be used for a welcome message and short description. 

One of the most frequent issues that arise in the process of building course based websites, projects and portfolio’s falls under the “aesthetic preferences” of the designer(you) and how the audience receives what they are looking at. Keep in mind as you are designing, not everyone on the receiving end has the same taste and aesthetic interests. We should keep the visitor / viewer in mind at all times. (Especially if those visitors and viewers are your students) Clarity, accessibility and inclusion should be on the forefront of your design process.