Project Creative Brief

What is the purpose of this campaign? What problem is this campaign helping to solve?

Audience Profile: Profile the target audience. Provide enough detail to enhance everyone’s understanding of who the audience is. Include some audience demographic information. Why would this audience care about the cause of your campaign?

Call for Action: How should your target audience respond to your campaign? What do you want the audience to do?

Communication Strategy: What is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience? Why is this an important message? Describe the methods you will use to convey the overall message.

Perception & Tone: What adjectives can be used to describe the way the campaign should be perceived by the target audience? What is the personality and style that we want to convey?

Deliverables: What are the suggested deliverables or formats? What are the key milestones/dates to include in the schedule?

How will success be defined and how will it be measured? How will What mechanisms will be used to measure responses?

Competitive Positioning: How is your campaign different from its competition and what are the factors that will make it a success?

Source of Materials: Are there any existing materials? (text, imagery, video, etc. Include links and attachments.) What will be the source of imagery, text, video and other source materials?

What additional information would be helpful for creative team?