Portfolio Assignment

Create a portfolio that showcases your work and skills. Your website must include the following items:

  • A showcase of your multimedia and art projects done in BMCC and elsewhere. You can include other types of assignments, such as an essay, if relevant to your future job search.
  • A description or explanation of each work presented
  • A paragraph introducing yourself and summarizing your professional goals
  • Contact information or contact form

Work Process

STEP 1: select an Internet host.

Some no-code solutions:

If you know your HTML/CSS you can code your own portfolio site and host it free on Github Pages  (as long as it does not need server-side technology). This will also serve to showcase your coding skills!

STEP 2: planning and content development

  1. Consider the following questions
  • What are your immediate professional goals? In other words, what kind of job or assignment do you hope this website will help you get?
  • Do you plan to continue your studies after graduating from BMCC? Does the program you plan to attend require a portfolio for admission? What kind of work they want to see in a portfolio?
  • How will you introduce yourself professionally? a web designer? a programmer? a graphic designer?
  • How many projects do you have? How many of them you deem good enough to include in the portfolio?
  1. Organize your site’s content
  • Select the work that you would like to showcase in the portfolio.
  • Decide how to organize your work on the site. For example, by type (websites, print, paintings, drawings etc.), by skill (design, development), by software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash).
  • Consider writing at least one case study of one of your work. Read here about case studies.
  • Decide what to showcase on homepage. It should NOT be a generic image from Google!
  • Write down links’ labels and the titles of the pages.
  1. Write
  • A paragraph introducing yourself and your professional goals.
  • A short description for each of the projects in your portfolio.
  • Consider including your resume

STEP 3: producing the site

If you are using a no-code hosting solution, sign up for a site and spend some time learning the system.

If you are coding your own site: start your code from scratch or use a CSS library like Bootstrap.


  • A URL.
  • Deadline: tba


  •  I will post a schedule to meet with each student individually to discuss portfolio plans and progress.