Week 9

Preparing the preliminary design presentation

Next week, each team will present their campaign’s preliminary design. You can use Power Point, Google slides, Keynote, Presy or any other presentation platform.  The presentations should be about 10-15 mins long and should include the following information (you may reuse/revise part of the pitch deck you presented on week 3 as well as the creative brief).

  • Title-slide: At this point, you should have settled on a title for your project. Also include a one-sentence summary (i.e: “#GirlsCount – Every girl deserves an education”).
  • Team: Each team member’s name and main role in the project
  • Social cause: What social cause will you be promoting? Remember: narrow it down as much as possible.
  • Target audience: Summarize the demographics characteristic of your target audience and illustrate them with the two persona you created on week 6.
  • Call to action: How should your target audience respond to your campaign? What do you want the audience to do?
  • Communication strategyWhat is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience? Why is this an important message? Describe the methods you will use to convey the overall message. When describing the different elements, use Sketches: Present sketches for each component of your project. One component may need several sketches (i.e: character design + storyboard for an animation, logo + wireframe for a website etc.)
  • Perception & Tone: What adjectives can be used to describe the way the campaign should be perceived by the target audience? What is the personality and style that you want to convey?
  • Color and typography: Use the style guide you created last week. Which color will you use and in what proportion? How do they relate to the tone defined above? What font(s) will you use? How do they relate to the tone defined above?


For next week, create and rehearse your preliminary design presentation as a group. Clearly name it (i.e: TeamName_designPresentation_date) and place it in your shared folder. Each group will present to the class next time we meet. Be ready to offer feedback to your classmates.