Week 4

Group meetings

This week, you will meet with your campaign projects group during class time to debrief on your pitch deck feedback and discuss next steps. I will meet with each group. Please start by asking yourselves the following questions:

Based on the feedback you received…

  • Does your topic need to be refined/narrowed? If so, what do you want to focus on? Can you summarize the goal/topic in one sentence?
  • Which media components do you want to keep/swap/change?
  • Do you feel well informed on your subject matter? Gather a list of resources with relevant data, articles, social media accounts  etc. to use or cite.
  • Are you confident you can execute what you are proposing to create? Do you have the required technical skills? Make a list of things you may need help with.
  • Is your group dynamic working? If not, how can you improve it and ensure everyone has a clear role, and weekly tasks.

Digital media workshop I: Makerspace Laser Cut Rubber Stamp Workshop

We will meet in person in the Makerspace (199 Chambers Street, S-608) to create individual custom rubber stamps. All material will be provided.


A photo of your custom rubber stamp posted on Blackboard (under Workshop I)