Final Project

Tell a story by combining several of the tools/media you learned this semester, and share it with the world on the web.


The story you choose to tell is completely up to you. Pick a topic you feel passionate about and will enjoy working on for the next 3 weeks. Your story doesn’t need to be long or include text – as we’ve learned through the course of the semester, a story can be told through sound, color, shapes, motion etc. 


You must embed your story on a webpage and upload it to Github. Use this HTML/CSS/JS template to do so. The template includes the necessary code to embed every type of media we learned this semester (digital imaging, audio, animation, GIF, interactive sketch). You don’t have to include every one of them, but must include at least two elements (i.e: two images, one animation and one image etc.)  You can change the structure (HTML) and design (CSS) of the page as you see fit. 


Here are some ideas that would work well for this project:

  • Comic book: create comic book panels in Photoshop and/or Illustrator and embed them as individual images on the webpage. 
  • Animation: Create an animation in After Effects (i.e: featuring a character of your making, promoting a social cause etc.) and embed it on the site. 
  • Interviews: record a series of interviews on a topic and embed them on the webpage (as individual audio clips or a single edited segment). 

These are just a few ideas… the possibilities are as wide-ranging as your imagination.

In each case, don’t forget to include a title, your name, an introductory paragraph, and credits for any CC licensed media you may have used.


Before assembling the piece,  you will have to create a project proposal consisting of:

  • A creative brief (fill this template)
  • Sketches outlining the content, layout and style of the media you’ll be creating.

Submit the following to Blackboard: 

[for week 13]

  • The completed creative brief
  • Scanned sketches

[for week15]

  • All the master and web-ready files for your project (i.e: In the case of an animation with sound: the After Effects file, Audacity file, exported .mp3 (audio), and exported .mp4 (final animation w/ sound)).
  • A description of your project. This should be 2-3 paragraphs long and should explain the project to someone without any prior knowledge. Use this template.

Grading Rubric