This website was created as an OER (Open Educational Resource) for the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s “MMP100 – Introduction to Multimedia” course. There are several sections of this course. This site is not attached to any specific section and is meant to serve as a sample. It is recommended that each professor creates a dedicated open lab site for their section (cloning this one and editing it is perfectly fine too).

MMP100 is one of the foundations class for all majors in the Media Arts and Technology Department. It spans a wide range of media and software which the students will use throughout their studies. The goal of the course is to highlight these tools’ purpose and interfaces. At the end of the semester, the students should have 5 projects showing they know how to create and/or manipulate digital images, audio, animations, videos and code.

The content of the course has been divided into “Topics”. Please refer to the “Syllabus” page for a weekly breakdown. Each topic’s page includes slides (core concepts and terminology), web resources (relevant tutorials, articles etc.), as well as assignments and grading rubrics.

Students should use Blackboard to submit their work. The professor will upload grades and comments there as well.

All content on this website is licensed under CC BY 4.0