Week #4

Welcome to MMA100 Week #4!

Here is this week’s useful information and class resources:

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*Did you e-mail project #1 (post card)  to me as a .JPEG file? If not, please do!

We will begin tonight class 2/20 by re-capping last week’s class discussion about project #2. I will demonstrate the process for creating the suggested lay out in project #2’s description

Lets look at where we find image resources and referencing.

Class Exercise: Assignment #2 – (Part 2)

Working with Photoshop. Lets apply additional layers, filters and image manipulating techniques to customize our progress. Class demonstrations with layer styles and creating filters.

Working from the original psd. document / template that you have created in part 1 of this assignment, students will use and apply additional layers to enhance and manipulate their image selections for the Elements & Principles of Design.

Outcome – Students will save two variations of the project as a photoshop psd. file as well as exporting the files as a .jpeg for the web (demonstration in class)

Assessment of the project: How has illustrating the vocabulary with images helped your understanding of each term? Discussion follows.

Lets look at COLOR-

Color Theory – (Image via Arhaus‘  via Justcreative)

The link below was published via – JustCreative.com – This is great guide to understanding color in design with an emphasis on logos, identity and branding.


I highly recommend visiting and learning from JustCreative.com aka – Jacob Cass – Jacob is an amazing graphic designer and conduit of great design resources.

Video Screenings –

Photoshop Tutorial – The top 10 Things photoshop Beginners Want To Know How To Do


I love and recommend Terry White’s Youtube channel. He is an Adobe software wizard! Subscribe here.

Who is Michael Bierut and Why is he important? Please watch the video outside of class this week and respond in the comments section below)


What is GESTALT and why is it important in Design? An introduction.


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