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BMCC News Black Panthers

BMCC News Black Panthers

Maria Alvarez

BMCC Students Report on College and Student Life

GAINS Scholars

Alexa Andrade

This is the ONLINE COMMUNITY of the Gaining Academic Insight & New Strategies Program (GAINS). Connect with others or tap into free and valuable resources. Through this collaboration between the BMCC Counseling […]

Media Arts and Technology Department

Christopher Stein

This community is for the students, faculty and staff of the Media Arts and Technology (MEA) Department and anyone who is interested in the department and its activities.

Writing Across the Curriculum at Borough of Manhattan Community College

Writing Across the Curriculum at Borough of Manhattan Community College

Christa Baiada

A dedicated space for WAC-certified faculty at BMCC, to build community and share resources.

Teaching on the OpenLab | Summer 2022

Gina Cherry, Syelle Graves, Thomas Harbison, jean amaral

A virtual learning community for faculty who applied and were accepted to participate in the June 2022 Teaching on the OpenLab. (image credit: ”OPEN” by Tom Magliery is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The Math Group

Ivan Retamoso

This is an open space to talk about MATHEMATICS

Research and Scholarship

Odaelys Pollard

Updates on faculty and student scholarships

Student Club Sample

Raquel Neris

This community is a sample that illustrates a student clubs profile. If you desire to have similar structure on you student club profile and website, please send an email to

BMCC Voices

jean amaral

A space for the BMCC community to share audio and podcasts created by students, staff, and faculty.

BMCC Open Knowledge Commons

jean amaral

The Open Knowledge Commons brings together faculty, staff, and students committed to knowledge as a public good and creating spaces for the BMCC community to share our knowledge with the world.

BMCC Health Education Department

Lesley Rennis

This community is for faculty, staff, and students of the BMCC HED Department. The Department will use this site to communicate essential information.

BMCC Psychology Major

Marjan Persuh

The Social Science, Human Services and Criminal Justice Department offers a major in Psychology which will lead to an Associate in Arts degree. The program will enable students to transfer into Psychology programs […]