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CIS Department – Student Learning Community

CIS Department – Student Learning Community

Mete Kok

CIS Department Community

BMCC Health Education Department

Lesley Rennis

This community is for faculty, staff, and students of the BMCC HED Department. The Department will use this site to communicate essential information.

Research and Scholarship

Odaelys Pollard

Updates on faculty and student scholarships

Academic Senate

Academic Senate

Christopher Stein

The online community for the BMCC Academic Senate.

Media Arts and Technology Department

Christopher Stein

This community is for the students, faculty and staff of the Media Arts and Technology (MEA) Department and anyone who is interested in the department and its activities.

BMCC Finance & Banking Club

Yanni Tournas

The Finance and Banking Club in discussion format, covers economic developments, finance industry topics and monetary policy: – From a theoretical perspective; – From an historical perspective; – And applies […]

Teacher Education Department

Jen Longley

This community is for all members of the Teacher Education Department — students, faculty, and staff from all programs (early childhood education, childhood education, bilingual education, and secondary education.

Open Pedagogy/Word Press Seminar | Summer 2020

jean amaral, Gina Cherry

A virtual seminar for faculty who applied and were accepted to participate in June 2020.

Black Studies Across the Americas (BSAA)

Judith Anderson

This project is supported with U.S. Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center funding from the Center for Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University and the NYU Center for Latin American […]

OpenLab for Students

Raquel Neris

OpenLab for Students in a space for students to access information about OpenLab workshops, how to use OpenLab tools and much more! This community is for students only. However, faculty and staff are more than […]

BMCC News Black Panthers

Maria Alvarez

BMCC Students Report on College and Student Life

GAINS Scholars

Alexa Andrade

This is the ONLINE COMMUNITY of the Gaining Academic Insight & New Strategies Program (GAINS). Connect with others or tap into free and valuable resources. Through this collaboration between the BMCC Counseling […]