I made two fires torch, utilizing two different methods. Making the fire was a challenge. I tried the other tools on animate as pen tools and shapes. I could not get what I wanted at the beginning. And later on, I realized that what I wanted to create was too advanced for me. So I decided to make something that I could make with my skills. Then I utilized the brush tool and made it frame by frame to create one fire torch. I followed one animate instruction tutorial for the second torch, which I tried before, and I could not make it, but with Tiffany’s instructions, it became clear.

Ball Study # 1


I created two different balls that jumping and move at a different pace. Both balls are dropped at the same time but they hit the floor differently. For the balls I increased the brush tool size until I was feeling confident and then clicked. That gave me perfect size ball. After that I started playing with but I did it wrong couple of time. It was not a one time try I had to redo it.

Jesus Cerda Flip-book

I have created three flip-books:


The first one is about a balloon that gets unattached from a group and goes into space. When the balloon reaches the highest, it interacts with a rock and explodes. I like this idea because it gives no limits to where the balloon can go, but at the same time, it teaches us that there might be challenges, as was the rock for the balloon.


The second flip-book. It’s abstract; I like the idea of the object taking other forms how a fruit turns into a wheel. As the fruit is going down a heel rotating, it turns into a revolution that does the same movement that is rotate.


The third flip-book, I did it in a relaxed state, and I just let my imagination take place.