Background Final Project

Some difficulties that I had were placing the food and figuring out a good size. Also, I had some problems doing the steak, so I decided to use the line tool to make the grill’s rectangles on the steak; it was fun after figuring out how to do it. I like how it turned out. It looks nice, and the colors are vivid. I drew everything on paper, then I inked it and traced it in animate.


Bugiardo is a superhero, but people do not believe him because he got a power that makes individuals not strong hungry. So he ends up cooking for them, and he is called super-chef. I decided to make a background of giant food because he cooks for the enemy that challenges him most of the time. He will be walking as he passes all kinds of fruits and food in the background, which are ingredients for his cooking and creations.

Some of the challenges I had were drawing close-ups and including the fruits, so I had to decide what should be shown of the fruits and not because the foods are giants. Another challenge was writing Bugiardo, which means liar in Italian. I tend to spell it as Burgiado; it has been happening to me for a long time. Other than that, I had fun drawing.

Walk Cycle 1

One of my challenges was to draw directly into Animate. But I realized that it was not the best way for me to do it. So I decided to draw on paper then transfer it to animate. I met with Tiffany, and she explained to me how to do it. When I added my drawings to the Animate’s library, I tried to trace them with a stylus pen, but since I am not used to working with it, I decided to use the mouse. It was a pleasant experience animating a walk cycle.

Character Design Assignment “Burgiado”

The process was fun; I have not drawn for hours in a while. I enjoyed every moment of it. But everything was not easy. I had some challenges as removing the back of the character; the shoes were a bit challenging. Also, drawing the side was challenging. I tried different techniques until I figured it out when I saw a pose that I liked.


The character’s name is Burgiado. He is a young adult 25 years old from New York City. Recently he moved to North Carolina, where he claims to be a superhero. He decided to prove it one of his superpowers is making others hungry, but one of his abilities is cooking. Every time he is about to fight an enemy, they get hungry and cook for them. The enemy receives their stomach so full that they cannot move, and there is never a fight. Because of one of his superpowers, “making others that are not strong hungry,” no one in town believes him. Some strong villains appear, but they do not get hungry because they are stronger than the previous villains; Burgiado’s ability does not affect them. And he can show his fighting ability and strength. Everyone acknowledges him, and he feels satisfied that he got to prove that he is a superhero.


I made two fires torch, utilizing two different methods. Making the fire was a challenge. I tried the other tools on animate as pen tools and shapes. I could not get what I wanted at the beginning. And later on, I realized that what I wanted to create was too advanced for me. So I decided to make something that I could make with my skills. Then I utilized the brush tool and made it frame by frame to create one fire torch. I followed one animate instruction tutorial for the second torch, which I tried before, and I could not make it, but with Tiffany’s instructions, it became clear.

Ball Study # 1

I created two different balls that jumping and move at a different pace. Both balls are dropped at the same time but they hit the floor differently. For the balls I increased the brush tool size until I was feeling confident and then clicked. That gave me perfect size ball. After that I started playing with but I did it wrong couple of time. It was not a one time try I had to redo it.

Jesus Cerda Flip-book

I have created three flip-books:

The first one is about a balloon that gets unattached from a group and goes into space. When the balloon reaches the highest, it interacts with a rock and explodes. I like this idea because it gives no limits to where the balloon can go, but at the same time, it teaches us that there might be challenges, as was the rock for the balloon.

The second flip-book. It’s abstract; I like the idea of the object taking other forms how a fruit turns into a wheel. As the fruit is going down a heel rotating, it turns into a revolution that does the same movement that is rotate.

The third flip-book, I did it in a relaxed state, and I just let my imagination take place.