Character Design Assignment “Burgiado”

The process was fun; I have not drawn for hours in a while. I enjoyed every moment of it. But everything was not easy. I had some challenges as removing the back of the character; the shoes were a bit challenging. Also, drawing the side was challenging. I tried different techniques until I figured it out when I saw a pose that I liked.


The character’s name is Burgiado. He is a young adult 25 years old from New York City. Recently he moved to North Carolina, where he claims to be a superhero. He decided to prove it one of his superpowers is making others hungry, but one of his abilities is cooking. Every time he is about to fight an enemy, they get hungry and cook for them. The enemy receives their stomach so full that they cannot move, and there is never a fight. Because of one of his superpowers, “making others that are not strong hungry,” no one in town believes him. Some strong villains appear, but they do not get hungry because they are stronger than the previous villains; Burgiado’s ability does not affect them. And he can show his fighting ability and strength. Everyone acknowledges him, and he feels satisfied that he got to prove that he is a superhero.

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