Final project – step 8: Creating animated titles and credits

At first, animating the title was a challenge. So, I looked for some tutorials, and they helped a lot. I learned new effects and how to interact with them. The credits were a little easier to do; I did not have a challenge. The project is looking great, and I can not wait to add sound.

Final Project: Effects

I had many challenges this time. My files were interacting with one another, so I had to fix it with the professor’s assistance and Tiffany’s. Even though it was a challenge, I enjoyed it because I learned how to use the software a little more as I face difficulties. Sometimes I was lost and did not know what to do, but I got tutoring, and I corrected it. I have been enjoying every step of the process, and I look forward to seeing this completed.

Final Project: Bring character into After Effects

When transferring the background and walk cycle, I had some issues, and the professor helped me solve them. I had some problems when using the camera. The background was moving upward, and below, it was blank. I had to adjust the background and character. It was enjoyable transferring to after-effects. I look forward to seeing the results.

Background Final Project

Some difficulties that I had were placing the food and figuring out a good size. Also, I had some problems doing the steak, so I decided to use the line tool to make the grill’s rectangles on the steak; it was fun after figuring out how to do it. I like how it turned out. It looks nice, and the colors are vivid. I drew everything on paper, then I inked it and traced it in animate.