Rainy Day – Animated Loop

There are so many things that loop. I probably changed my mind more than five times because there were so many options to choose from for this assignment. At the end, this is what I went for, a woman who is sitting on a sofa by a window with a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day accompanied by her cat.

This is the reference I used.


Bouncing ball with arc animation

I found challenging to animate the anticipation of the ball before it falls. I had fun doing this assignment thanks to the video of the animator Don Hertzfeldt. The video inspired and gave me the idea of adding people being smashed by the ball.

Bouncy ball vs glass marble ball – Animation

The first ball is a bouncy one; the second is supposed to be a glass marble ball. I found challenging to animate the behavior of the bounciness of the marble ball because I do not own a marble ball for reference. I found some videos on the internet that helped me do this assignment. According the references I saw, I believe that the marble ball barely has any, or none squash and stretch.