Final Character Walk Cycle

Here is the final version of my character walk cycle. I added a subtle vignette to give the animation a more sinister feeling. Also, I changed he font of the text as suggested; I decreased the text size of the credit; and I animated “Animation by Javier Chen” with the “Animate” feature applying opacity. Each letter appears one after another that seems someone is typing it. Lastly, I added a typing sound effects for it.

Improved Character Walk Cycle

I added the effects of rain and thunder with sound effects. I played around with the brightness for when the lightning comes in.  I also added all the credits of the sound effects and music I used.

Character walk cycle

Here the result of combining everything in After effects. I changed some things in the background. I changed the color of the sky and the clouds because they looked bright and happy, but I wanted something more sinister and evil, so it goes well with the personality of the character and the music. I also added a little intro and the credits at the end.