Walk cycle

This is a draft of my walk cycle. The ball may seem to have an unusual movement but this is because the character is still in a position, and in order to get to the ball, the ball has to move back and forth to give the illusion of movement. The behavior of the ball will look more natural when I add a background that pans in the opposite direction that the character is moving.

Here is an example of why the ball moves that way.


This is the storyboard for my wall cycle, though I plan to add more than just a walk cycle before and after the walk if I have extra time. The transition effects and music are elements that I have not decided yet what to use. But I will figure out in the process.

Character design

This is Kirai. He let his anger and rage consumed him into darkness. This happened because his parents were killed when they were leaving a soccer stadium by a professional soccer player, who went crazy after losing a soccer match. Kirai got into soccer and has been training since then with the hope to run into that professional player in a soccer match and get his revenge. Kirai met a coach who offered him the power necessary by injecting drugs in him to achieve his goal. Kirai accepted, which let his humanity go away.

Surprised flour sack animation

For this assignment, i went for a surprised flour sack. I applied most of the 12 principles of animation. the challenging part was to draw the frames between the key poses while trying to respect the physics of the flour sack.