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Toolkit Competencies

These toolkits are designed around four information literacy skills competencies that students are expected to obtain after being introduced to and utilizing the toolkits. The competencies demonstrate how to scaffold the toolkit modules into a course syllabus. To assist faculty with utilizing the toolkits and ensuring students are being exposed to the appropriate modules to retain each competency, please see the breakdown below. Each subject toolkit will have a replica of the competency grid example below.

Competency 1 – Develop and demonstrate the skills necessary to effectively navigate the BMCC library site and utilize its services.

Competency 2 – Efficiently identify, access, and search relevant library databases to retrieve scholarly and credible information pertinent to a research query.

Competency 3 – Critically assess the relevance, credibility, accuracy, and reliability of information sources.

Competency 4 – Correctly and ethically cite sources, adhering to the appropriate citation style, to avoid plagiarism and give proper credit to information creators.

ToolkitCompetency 1Competency 2Competency 3Competency 4
General Research SkillsBasic Skills Module #1 and 2Basic Skills Module #3Basic Skills Module # 4Basic Skills Module #5