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Media Arts and Technology Toolkit

Media Arts and Technology Toolkit Introduction

For faculty: Welcome to the assignment toolkit for Media Arts and Technology! Please follow the links below to the library’s information literacy modules. These are available for you to embed into your course pages as weekly assignments (or however you best see fit!) to help your students build their library and research skills.

Note: All quizzes and online activities are self graded. Students receive the results upon completion of the quiz or activity; the results can be emailed or posted in Blackboard.

Competency 1Competency 2Competency 3Competency 4
Module 1Module 6Module 4Modules 5 & 6

Basic Research Skills Toolkit

Media Arts and Technology Module

Module 6 – Media Arts and Technology Research Skills and Resources

Additional Resources

As always, we want to hear your feedback on the materials and resources we have provided as a library. Please send us your thoughts here. We’re excited to collaborate!

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