Annabeth Stoll: Final Project

Final  Project Zine

Final Project – Accompanying Doc


I believe that I accomplished most of what I set out to do with my final project. If I had more time, I would try to interview more people, certainly a more diverse group if possible. I would love to see not necessarily negative experiences with feminism, but just more varied stories. Unfortunately, people are busy! So I am very grateful to the friends who took time out to participate.

The feedback I received during my presentation and from Professor Munshi was very helpful. I decided to take Prof. Munshi’s advice and include an accompanying document with my zine so it didn’t become clunky, and I could provide more context as to why I chose this format and to include the information that I did.

I think graphically the work I’ve submitted is strong. I had really hoped to make a physical zine, a little grittier and DIY than what I came up with – maybe something I can do later on! However being able to work in a creative capacity definitely made this a super fun final project, and helpful breaking up the monotony of final papers.

I think given more time, I would have been able to present a zine that feels more like me. Given that my classmates only know me from the short time we’ve been able to spend together this is a little vague – but I hope I’ve come across in my work. I think because I would have liked more time to complete this, I would give my final result a B.

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  1. Excellent work, Annabeth! All the different components of the zine + your reflection work together so beautifully to show the complexity of what feminism can mean to us, how we get to it, and our critiques. I love that you included interviews with your friends, too, and that this demonstrates a feminist praxis of engaging with our close people about our ideas/views/desires/etc.

    With your permission, I would love to show your zine to future classes as a model — let me know if that is ok and/or if you or any of your friends would like their identifying information removed. No rush.

    It was a sincere pleasure to have you in class this semester!

    Professor Soniya

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