Melody Kology DB #13

It was great that you brought in Victoria and Robert for the workshop on relationships. Relationships are always complicated, and each one is different. Each person feels differently about boundaries, and what they want out of a relationship, whether romantic, intimate, platonic, familial or otherwise. In any relationship, toxic behaviors and patterns can arise, and they can come in all shapes and sizes.

Especially if you were raised in an environment where toxic behaviors were the norm, it can be difficult to know what a healthy relationship even looks like. If you have unhealthy behaviors modeled, you might not recognize certain red flags of unhealthy or even abusive behavior in your relationships as an adult, and I can speak from experience there. It’s so important to have that outside perspective at times to remind us what healthy parameters and boundaries look like, and workshops like these can step in with that non-biased perspective of what is and isn’t healthy. I mean, living in a society like ours that so often models creepy behaviors as being romantic gestures, I know I have been confused when swept up in a charged romantic relationship about what should or shouldn’t be acceptable behavior.

In my view, as someone who has tremendously benefited and continues to benefit from therapy, I’m so glad BMCC offers these resources. Connecting with that department in a human level is so helpful, and encouraging to actually utilize that resource since I’ve seen how competent and lovely some of their people are. Especially after this year, managing all of the relationships at home, or conversely dealing with being alone, it can be a lot, and I seriously don’t know where I would be without a therapist to help guide me through it all. Having that advice can truly be a salve to your sanity. Any encouragement and accessibility to any counseling sessions is so wonderful.

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