Course: BUS 311-1801 | HR Management | Professor Buckler | Spring 2021

HR in Small Firms

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      Brielle Buckler

      Human Resource departments take different forms across industries and companies based on the functions necessary for an organization’s success, and its capacity and profitability to sustain a comprehensive group. In small/entrepreneurial organizations, HR functions are necessary, but often look very different.

      Whereas a large organization might have employees in many different HR roles (Learning & Development, Compensation, Benefits Administration, HR Business Partner, Talent Acquisition, etc.), small/entrepreneurial organizations might have a smaller group of generalists who manage several different aspects of HR.

      Forbes’ 2018 article titled “Benefits Of HR Outsourcing: How Even Small Businesses Can Provide Great HR” sheds some light on the pros and cons of outsourcing parts or all of an organization’s HR function.

      What are some of the reasons organizations outsource HR? What benefits and potential risks do these companies acknowledge by doing so? What does outsourcing mean for the HR industry, and future job prospects for HR professionals?


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