week 7

Raymond Carver and Sandra Cisneros are clear in their own ways. Carver’s writing frequently utilizes simple, guide sentences and communicates many of meaning over subtext. Cisneros’s writing frequently employs poetic verbal communication that is more vibrant and descriptive. In the poem “My Daughter and Apple Pie” he writes “But she’s wearing these dim glasses … The underlying text within these lines announce that something is false that has caused her to wear dim glasses in the morning. These lines are guide and concise in what the writer is testing to express. With Cisneros, the writer writes a extremely piquant description of her mother’s hair“But my mother’s hair, like small rosettes, like dinky sweet circles, all curly because she pinned it in curls all day, kind to put your nasal area into…”. Cisneros utilizes poetic, vibrant verbal communication to transport her mother’s hair to life. Carver’s characters tend to be more understated and stoic, whereas Cisneros’s characters are frequently more expressive and romantic. Though their writing styles have differences, they additionally have definite similarities. Carver and Cisneros have lookalike portrayals of realistic individual faces. Both writers acquire the struggles and complexities of daily life.

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