Jontay B

After reading “ Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-Second Year” by Raymond Carver, I can compare his writing style to Sandra Cisneros in “ The House On Mango Street”. As I read Carver describe his dad, it reminded me when Cisnero was describing her mom. Carver didn’t give us a detailed physical appearance, but describes other things like what he had on, his pose, the way he wore his hat. Sandra would tend to do the same thing throughout her book, bringing in new character’s but not fully describing them, mainly giving names at times with few details. From this one short story we were able to get a glimpse of Carver’s life, same as Cisneros did with the structure of her book. Each vignette that she shared gave us insight of her personal life experiences and expressed a deeper meaning to things, but in a simple short story. When doing research I found out that both author’s writing styles would be considered minimalism.

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