Global/HR -Fish to Go Case Assignment

Sonia Gonzalez

Bus 311-1801

May 9, 2021

Prof: Brielle Bucker

  1. What are the advantages of choosing a host-country national staffing strategy?
  2.  1- The fundamental preferences are, Language is a social boundary that can wipe out. The probability of comprehension of nearby guidelines and law is high, and it will minimize the danger of new initiatives. Hiring cost and visa preparation cost can be wiped out and has a better knowledge of local customs and traditions.
  3. The compensation plan is the Pay plan for an employee against their employer in the company—the compensation plan made to contain the primary salary heads, allowances head, and legal heads. The essential salary head is the base on which the other charges like allowances head and legal head calculate the percentage of the primary salary head. The allowances head contains the subhead as HRA, managerial allowances, professional allowances, medical allowances, conveyance allowances, etc., as applicable concerning the culture of the nations.

Compensation Plan Heads              UK                       Mexico                    US

1-Basic Salary-                          Basic/Sal                  $2000                 $1500

2-Benefits-                        HRA/ALLOWANCE           $600                   $600

3-Managerial                          $500                             $500                   $500

4-Medial                                 $100                             $100                   $100

5-Performance                       $1000                           $700              $1200

6-Fringes                               $5000                          $417                $417

The culture of a nation has an impact on the compensation plan of the manager. The nation’s environment drives basic pay, allowances, and legal pay. For example, in the UK & US, the basic income is higher than in the developed country while the direct payment is lower in Mexico. The gratuity and pension plans are again nation-driven as they are set for the national level. So any organization needs to meet the legal requirement of pay structure. Generally, the culture helps in understanding the pay structure for the people.

The pay plan ought to comprise the evaluated spending plan for overall pay. It should be based on industrial standards. Hiring cost is another area where the company should focus and reduced through host country hiring.

Type of posts to create. Senior Manager, Delivery Manager, Assistant Managers, Customer relationship Managers, Facility Managers, Sales and Marketing managers, and executives. Supervisors Finance team. Salary for top managers should be fixed + variable, and the variable component can be in the form of a percentage share of the company’s profits. Sales team managers should also have more benefits and perk-based on their business conversion. Salary in the UK should be comparatively more because of currency conversion and living standard difference.

Training Plan: The restaurant chain should be so that it should be overall operations and management of restaurants.

Training Plan: The restaurant chain should be in such a way that is should be over all operations and management of restaurants.

  • Floor Management Course
  • Base Shift Management Course
  • Restaurant Leadership
  • Training Consultant
  • Customer Relationship
  • Finance Executives
  • Facility Administration
  • Workplace safety

The following will serve as an outline for general manager training at Fish to Go in the American, Mexico and UK Market.


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  1. Rayon Lambert

    Hello Sonia,

    I liked that your compensation plan is broken down based on different factors. It allowed the managers to know exactly how they are being compensated for different things that they have accomplished. Your post has given different ideas as to the needs of the managers to perform at their best.

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