We’ll do it together!

“We’ll do it together”
I would like to share this anecdote about Alicia which I believe is a testament to her collegiality and generosity to her colleagues. On July 8th & 9th I attended a Blackboard workshop that Alicia volunteered to hold for the MLD faculty and staff. She had set this up just for our benefit and as she mentioned in her email “I offer to help you if you feel the need! I’ll teach you how to create your course from A to Z. We’ll do it together.
I’m offering this consultation, but you have to be very clear it is not any kind of departmental or BMCC mandate. It’s my help as a peer.”
In retrospect, I am so very glad that I [“la favorita” as she used to tease me with Rosemary] was part of the workshop and had the opportunity to discuss with her afterwards what I had learned from it! 

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