XXIII Modern Languages Colloquium 2021

Kaileen Balbi – Hardships of COVID-19

COVID-19 was the start of the worst year anyone could have imagined. This pandemic changed the way a lot of people valued life because many lost their jobs, loved ones and their sanity. Last year was a complete disbelief for the whole world. No one was expecting something like this to ever happen. Kids being taken out of school and beginning to be home schooled took a toll on them physically and mentally. They was used to being around people and being able to interact to then suddenly having to be home on a computer eight hours straight. A lot of people where laid off from work because of the fear of spreading the virus. If you were able to still work, it now had to be with a mask that became difficult for people to breathe with.  A lot of people lost their lives and loved one to the virus because they couldn’t fight it. This year will forever mark our lives as it was the year that made many of us stronger!

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