XXIII Modern Languages Colloquium 2021

Andy Martinez – Chapter 20: Covid 19

One of the hardest things anyone has had to deal with, the Corona virus has put us in a lot of thoughts that seem to always occupy my mind. For me, it was the safety of my family, my academics and overall how the world would be in the coming years. We’ve been in quarantine for almost 3 months and it was not easy but when they let loose on the restrictions, I took the chance to finally go outside and get some fresh air. I went back to my old high school, Edward R. Murrow and there’s a park across from the school where I had some good times. It took me a second to take it all in realizing that life was so much easier back then when the only priority was school, from 8am -2pm. It made me feel nostalgic but regretful that I couldn’t spend more time with friends but i know for sure that things are gonna get better sooner or later and all those memories I take with me will replay in my head whenever I feel nostalgic.



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