Jessica Rosenthal

My name is Jessica Rosenthal, and I am a Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) graduate and former ASAP English Tutor. I graduated from BMCC with a degree in liberal arts in 2018 and transferred to Hunter College, where I received my bachelor’s in political science and public policy in May 2020. I am currently at the end of a six-month fellowship with the NYC Comptroller’s Office, where I have been working on statutory hearings for claims against the city. 

I think we all ask ourselves how we can make a change in the world, especially when the world sometimes seems so unjust and scary. I try to overcome these fears by reminding myself that none of us is truly alone; we are intertwined and can both offer and seek support to improve the world around us. Personally, I find meaning through working in areas where I can feel part of a community, like BMCC, or where I can perform a public service and give back to others. In the future, I hope to attend law school and become an attorney, so that I can advocate for those who are oppressed or left behind by our current systems.  I am excited to be a part of this project. I hope to learn not only how others advocate for change, but also encourage other aspiring changemakers.